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KLEENY Record Cleaning Machine - brushed silver metal

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Kleeny is a practical and reliable record washing machine "Made in Germany". Kleeny helps you to clean your records so that they can develop their full sound. Kleeny is produced using state-of-the-art 3-D printing technology, among other things. Read here what you can expect from Kleeny:

  • Elegant, very compact housing that takes up little space
  • Housing sides made of aluminum composite panels
  • Housing frame made of dimensionally stable, black ABS plastic - mostly manufactured using the 3D printing process
  • Low operating noise thanks to noise insulation and swinging suction motor
  • Silicone feet ensure a secure hold and minimize structure-borne noise
  • Practical bowl for the premium brush integrated in the device
  • Adapter for vacuuming singles
  • Robust switches in a high protection class
  • Ergonomic puck (plate weight) with magnetic fixation - no screws or clamps!
  • Label protection by rubber seal
  • Powerful, reliable turntable motor with change of direction
  • Plate mandrel in polished stainless steel
  • Suction turbine with 250W power - does the drying in 2 revolutions!
  • Platter mat made of soft, antistatic cellular rubber
  • Internal waste water tank with outlet spout, easy to empty. No hose or clamp necessary.
  • Blow dry function (protects against residual moisture and musty smells)
  • Suction arm holder made of CNC milled aluminum
  • Bayonet guide - easy swiveling in and out of the suction arm without screws
  • Compatible with most commercially available cleaning fluids (we recommend Kleeny!)


Your tidy workplace

The robust switches could also be found in a classic sports car. The gear motor is switched on with the left switch. While washing, the direction of rotation should be changed several times by flipping the switch. The powerful suction turbine is switched on with the switch on the right. It only takes 2 turns of the turntable and the record is dry. A high-quality record brush is part of the delivery program. There is space for it in a matching shell that is embedded in the housing. So the brush is always at hand. On the right in the picture the tank cap. Via this, the device is very easily emptied with the help of an outlet nozzle.


Safe protection of the label

The shapely puck has a sealing lip on its underside, which protects the label all around against penetrating moisture. Strong magnets pull the puck onto the record. So nothing needs to be clamped or screwed. It's that easy!


Wash with brush or microfiber It's your choice.

A classic, very high-quality washing brush is also included in the scope of delivery, as is the microfiber brush of the suction arm. Use the microfiber of the suction arm for a quick wash. For a more thorough wash, we recommend the still superior washing brush. At Kleeny you have both options.

Scope of delivery - gets you ready to wash!

  • Unit in the desired coulour version including, clamp, suction arm and platter mat
  • Suction arm cover for 7 inch records (singles)
  • 200 ml Kleeny cleaning lotion - ready to use, in dosage bottle
  • Premium record brush as shown
  • Connection cable with Euro, Swiss or UK Plug
  • Manual in English language

Technical data

Dimensions without turntable: 280 mm x 145 mm x 230 mm

Weight : 2,7 kg

Power consumption "Suction" : 250 W

Power consumption "Washing" : 12 W

Power consumption "Stand by" : 0 W

Diameter of turntable : 24.5 cm

Dimensions with attached turntable : 375 mm x 245 mm x 230 mm

Electr. connection IEC cable with plug (Euro, Swiss, UK depending of your country)

Electr. voltage : 230V / 50Hz.

Extraction noise : 62 db(A)