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Free your vinyl sound!

A lot of your records probably sound a lot better than you think. This is because much of the musical information is hidden under stubborn dirt that has built up over the years and sticks deep in the grooves. Even most new records are already contaminated with impurities from the pressing process (release agent).

These contaminants cannot simply be removed with a brush or cloth. Kleeny is a record washing machine that helps you clean your records thoroughly, right down to the grooves. Once you have experienced how much the sound improves with such a record wash, you will not be without Kleeny any more. Not only do background noises disappear for the most part, the music also becomes more detailed and authentic.

Kleeny has a very compact and solid housing (aluminum) and does not take up much space. As a design object, it adapts well to any living environment and does not need to be hidden. Kleeny record washing machines are produced in Germany using modern 3D printers, high-quality components and proven motors.

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